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January 30th, 2011, 5:53 pm

I thought I'd share with you a typical mission in Star Trek Online, for the uninitiated.

Because I just hit Lieutenant Commander in the game, I was able to purchase a new ship. At first, I decided to go with an Escort-class vessel, but because it basically has no shields and I was getting my ass kicked, I decided to go for the less flashy but more sophisticated Science-class vessel:

Meet the U.S.S Gemini-B, designation NCC-91986-B.

We were informed of a distress signal from a Vulcan relief vessel in the Xanathine system. Apparently Gorn and Klingon warships were spotted in the area, and our job was to escort the relief vessel to the planet's surface.

Didn't take long for the Gorn to arrive:

And it didn't take long for them to learn how over their heads they were:

After the ship was safely escorted to the planet, we were ordered to clear out any field encampments of Gorn or Klingon on the planet's surface to ensure a smooth delivery.

Action pose!

Now, to blast some Gorn:

With the supplies delivered and the mission completed, we beamed back up to the bridge, for relaxation and staring blankly at screens for extended periods of time.

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