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September 10th, 2010, 9:07 am

just had kind of a revelation.

i used to think that my art style was very limited, due to the fact that the strip takes place in the desolate wastes of space.

not necessarily true.

obviously, the strip takes place on a variety of planets. i enjoy the single-color motif, and i'm gonna really try to hit that hard on the next few strips. i want to loosen my coloring style, and work with some overflow and some more "whimsical" (that's my favorite word of late) sketches. childlike.

that's the reason i draw the strip, anyway. it's pretty much a direct link to my childhood. much like the feelings that super mario can evoke when you load up the newest game for the first time. or zelda. for me, it's dripping with nostalgia, but not the sad, "man i miss that" kind of nostalgia. the kind that you take solace in knowing it can never go away and will always be with you.

i'd like to make the site reflect that in the future.

i'm excited!

new one up tonight. promise.

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