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June 15th, 2010, 5:22 pm

oh. yeah.

my brother and i celebrated our 23rd and 24th birthdays (respectively) this weekend, and the awesomeness was palpable. (yeah, we're a year and a day apart exactly, so we share birthdays. so what?)

night 1 was the elegantly themed "drink beer" night, and we partook in a new ritual i stumbled across on the interwebs known as "super smashed brothers".

the premise is rather simple; you and three of your friends boot up super smash bros. for your system of choice, set the rules for 5 lives, and set up 5 cups for each life your character has. die, and drink. simple, right?

of course, the unforseen consequence of this ruleset was that the winners were forced to consume even more alcohol as the losers swapped for other players.

the other problem was that after several beers from earlier, those coronas just don't go down as easy as they started off going. blech.

after several rounds of mario bros. induced violence, the time came for those who played to (inevitably) pass out. our friend chris, a relatively light drinker who never really drinks excessively, has an unfortunate physiology in which he truly CAN'T WAKE UP after falling asleep following a few drinks.

naturally, then, we started up a round of everyone's favorite game, "pile shit on chris".

the object of the game is to place objects upon our sleeping victim without waking him:

each turn, someone adds to the pile:

it's a lot like jenga, but reversed, and involving chris.

night 2 was dungeons and dragons night. yes, we are nerds, but before you judge, i highly recommend you try it. we never played growing up, and the new 4th edition makes it relatively easy for anyone to get into it. if you're a fan of RPG video games and are a creative individual on the whole and you're on the fence, you should give it a shot. you won't be dissapointed.

our setup is rather simple; we use a really awesome WET (not dry) erase mat, reaper figurines, and a couple of cheap dollar store fake trees and animals. i'm the GM, and i write down all of my statistics directly onto the mat. no frills, but still fun.

in this particular mission, the party was instructed to go into a mystical forest to retreive a map. they were lead by Ma'Lagurra (played by your friend and mine, matt), a Drow spellsword who escaped from the Underdark. if you're interested, you can follow our storyline on ObsidianPortal (it won't be updated for several days, forgive me).

anyway, there ya go. new comic up shortly.

June 16th, 2010, 7:53 am

annieeee (Guest)

Poor Chris! Who won that game?
I'm so glad you guys had a good Birthday bash!

June 24th, 2010, 7:04 am

Matt (didn't feel like signing i (Guest)

No one wins this game - you just fight/play a war/story.

It is a pretty amazing game and it's caused me to further acknowledge my own level of nerdness.

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